Popular Marathi actor Sharad Ponkshe recently narrated his fight with Cancer. His inspiring story of recovery is worth talking about, but he spoke something more which held on to my attention in particular; he mentioned having immensely benefitted from Gaumutra (Cow urine), which contributed in improving his immunity. A similar experience was narrated by the former Union Minister Mr. Oscar Fernandes.

Have you ever heard an appendicitis being cured without a surgery? Ever heard a post infection Kidney, that had shrunken in size, to act against the claims of Urologists and Nephrologists and increase in size (irrespective of its functioning)?India has been blessed with natural healing sciences that have made these happen; they are underestimated, but never fail to showcase their magical healing properties.

You probably guessed it right; the word I am willing to talk about and dedicating my blog portal for is Ayurveda, an underutilized gift to the world.

Through this blog, we hope to narrate real experiences (including my own) of the healing properties of the ayurvedic mode of treatment. These are the stories that got restricted to only a selective group and could never reach the larger section. We hope they inspire you to take the path of Ayurveda and contribute in the positive outcomes for the world!


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